Drupal Camp Manila 2012

I volunteered as presenter at  Drupal Camp 2012, with two topics.

2. Drupal for Government Transparency and Good Governance  with Co-presenter Charie Villa of ABS-CBN

We highlighted taopo.org as tool for government transparency and good governance. It uses major modules, like panels, views, display suite, web services(restful json for Android Phone integration and IOS).

2. Intelligent Mapping using Openlayers

Mapping is the process of designing, implementing, generating, and delivering maps on the World Wide Web and its products. OpenLayers is a powerful, community driven, open source, pure JavaScript web mapping library. With it, you can easily create your own web map mashup using WMS, Google Maps, and a myriad of other map backends.
Automate generation of latitude and longitude using wkt, just adding address and you will be free from hazzle of manually inputting locations(lat and long).
Build an intelligent search engine using map, add proximity filter using distance.


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