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March 2012

How to browse websites using w3m locally on ec2

When i was trying to install CKAN from source i encountered error on apachesolr, the only way i can test it out is to browse apachesolr admin site locally (, since im on ec2 and only accessing via ssh i cant browse it using firefox, chome. Good thing is that David from CKAN community introduced me to w3m a text based browser, it doesnt render visually but it does render the markups.

Heres step on setting it up:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install  w3m

w3m [options] [URL or filename]

w3m localhost:8090

There you have it.



How to upload/download recursively using only ftp

Im used to have access in all our servers with full access, with ssh root you can do anything on the server, permissions, ownership issues will be addressed easily without hassle. I had this experience in downloading/uploading files from remote servers using only ftp. It took me hours to finally solved it, ftp has a limitation it doesnt recursively download all sub directories, it does execute this line ftp> mput -r * , but what it only does is copying all files, it doesnt copy sub folders.

I found an application lftp, its a sophisticated http/ftp client, its a file transfer program and do what ftp cant do, especially ftp’ s recursive isses on subfolders.

# lftp ftp_host
> user username password
> mirror source target
(download entire directory tree)
> mirror -R source target
(reverse mirror; upload entire directory tree)

This will save you gazillions of hours if you are transffering files with subfolders using ftp only.



New Amsterdam Ideas at Drupal Camp Singapore 2012

I was fortunate to be invited by Drupal Community to give talk in Singapore in their Drupal Camp 2012 at Microsoft building near Marina Bay. It was attended mostly by developers, CEO of IT companies not just from Singapore but across south east asian countries.

I can say that more and more developers in Singapore are embracing the power of drupal as a platform, ive meet people from Promet Source, Moni Media and Trellon. These companies shared the same vision
with New Amsterdam Ideas,  “share”, “collaborate”  are one of the key ingredients to have a successful community.

It was a privilege to be one of the Panelists in the open discussion about Drupal and answering questions from the participants.

left to right: Simon Lindsay from Aquia, Andrew Kucharski of Prometsource, Ric Shreves of Water & Stone, Me(New Amsterdam Ideas) and Alex Rollin(Ex- Trellon)
Simon of acquia answering the question how secured is drupal?
What is the future of Drupal? Html5, ORM, Full pledge mobile platform
Audience eagerly listening to the panelists

Over-all the Open Discussion was very successful, the event was very informative and a lot of people participated in the interaction.

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