First OpenErp Bootcamp in Manila

My wife and i just attended the first OpenErp Bootcamp in Manila held at Picadily Bldg, The fort, Taguig Global City. Attendees were coming from different industries such as Manufacturing, Telecom Company and Software Development Firm.

I first heard OpenErp last year and now its making a big sound from western countries to southeast asia, OpenErp just opened their office in Singapore to accommodate support and development for Asia due to Its demand and  popularity in the region and has potential to compete with big names like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.

Kudos to Eastvantage an IT outsourcing company, a european firm based in Manila that is committed to share the good news to the opensource community for its wise move to introduce OpenErp in the Philippine Market.

Thanks also to Mr and Mrs Pohlmann of Auberon Solutions for sharing such informative presentation of OpenErp, its functionalities, basic python and OpenErp Module development.

Here are some pictures taken by my wife gem.


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