Drupal Meetup @ Raya Garden

We hosted the drupal meetup at Raya Gardens at Parañaque City last saturday June 16, 2012. The event was organized by Ms. Gemma Rose Dublan and Rachel Jaro. The weather was windy and cloudy and was about to rain, but thanks God there were still people eager to learn drupal and wanted to collaborate with other developers, newbies, noobs.

We first gathered to meet and greet at the clubhouse and it was fun because most of the faces were new to me and ive seen a lot of potentials from them to be an advocate of FOSS so its a good thing. While others are busy introducing themselves, Gem ordered toron and some refreshments and it was very good and refreshing at the same time.  We were supposed to have the discussion at the clubhouse but due to some external destructions(noise) so we opted to have it done at the mini lobby just outside of our unit, so we settled and after 30 minutes the food arrived, a pizza from Pizza Hut, Thanks to those who have chipped in for our food.

There were three topics that was discussed, “Symfony meets Drupal” by Ken Marfilla a symfony guru, “Intelligent Mapping using Openlayers” and OpenERP by yourstruly, it was exciting and fun, people were asking questions, ive seen happy faces and people are constantly talking “Drupal is awesome”.

Attached are the pictures from the event:


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