Drupal Camp Manila 2013

Last Saturday February 16, 2013 Philippine Drupal Users Group presented Drupal Camp Manila 2013 to more or less 200 people held at Microsoft 6750 Ayala, Makati, Philippines. Students, Developers, Project managers and Business executives gathered around to hear and learn about Drupal. This year’s track was packed of advance topics from mapping to mobile development, from project management to development operations and of course the newly introduced session, the beginners session.

In the morning event we welcomed Mr Jim Ayson of Smart DevNet as he delivered his speech as keynote, he talked about Drupal to be used in his organization as a platform integrated with smart technology.

The place was very impressive, it was really designed for conferences like drupal camp, i’ve heard a lot of good feedbacks from the participants about the place,  its classy and if you look outside the window you will see a big part of the makati business district, the sky rocketing buildings and people walking around the area.

These are the breakout sessions in the morning event:

  • Ranel Padon [University of the Philippines]  - Web Mapping with Drupal
  • Andrew Kucharski [Promet Source]  - Project Management tools and organizations
  • Paul de Paula [NUAMS]  - Mobile development using Drupal and Titanium Appaccelerator
  • Andrew Kucharski [Promet Source]    - Thunder and Lightning: LoadStorm and Other Ways to Stress Out Your Drupal
  • Gerald Villorente [Kytes System/CNN]   - Drupal Security Hardening
  • Adolfo Nasol [Abtik Team]  - Creating Online Store with Drupal Commerce

For beginners session:

  • Intro to Drupal                 – Grace Porcal
  • Installation and Terms   – Nathan Cailo
  • Views Intro                      – Lexie of Promet Source

These are the breakout sessions in the afternoon event:

  • Sean Coleman [Kyte Systems]   -  Advance Drupal Commerce
  • Daniel Honrade [Theming Expert]   - 1 Minute Solution to Automate your Vimeo Inline Video Integratio
  • Paul de Paula [New Amsterdam Ideas]    -  Magic Begins with Context + Delta + Omega Theme
  • Gerald Villorente [Kyte Systems/CNN]    - Drupal Performance and Scaling
  • Andrew Kucharski [Promet Source]   - Opportunities to leapfrog content distribution while Mobilizing Your Site with Drupal
  • Marc Caballero [The Surfer Geek]   - How to contribute at drupal.org
  • Paul de Paula [NUAMS]  -  Building a Drupal Distribution using Features + Drush Make + etc
  • Edison Tan [Microsoft Open Source Software Specialist]  -  Drupal on Windows Azure

For beginner’s sessions:

  • Context intro                                – John Ross
  • Html slicing                                  – Ericson Luciano
  • Intro to module development    – Nico Penaredondo
  • Drupal learning curve                – Nathaniel Cailo

I was impressed with the volunteers who talked about Drupal in the beginners sessions, its jampacked and the no. of people i saw in the morning was the same number when  it ended in the afternoon. I interviewed some of the participants who stayed and listened from the speakers and they said they learned a lot, and they cant wait to start building website.

Overall this years Drupal Camp was awesome, the topics was really trendy and interesting, the food was so delicious, It was the first time ever for a drupal camp manila to have such a nice lunch, from the spaghetti, fish pillet and etc., and the people were all friendly and you will see a lot of smiling faces probably because there are lots of companies announced that they are all hiring.

In behalf of the Philippine Drupal Users Group Philippines i would like to thank our sponsors who made this event a successful, to out Platinum Sponsors(Promet Source and Smart Devnet), Gold Sponsors(SolidHosting.ph, Acquia), Silver Sponsors(Chochip Digital, Kite Systems, Globelabs), Community Sponsors(New Amsterdam Ideas, Hygen) and of course to our partners Microsoft and Mozilla Firefox.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Orlee Pasion says:

    Hi Sir Paul, just dropping by and say Congrats to Drupal Camp Manila!

  2. Timothy says:

    The conference was awesome – learned a quite number of new and cool stuff. Will definitely attend the next conference.

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