Installation and configuration

A. Clone and Install  azure_table_storage  module.

B. Installation

1. This is a feeds plugin that saves results from Feeds source to Azure table storage. Azure table is one of the services that Windows Azure offers.

  a. Feeds
  b. Ctools
  c. Data
  d. Features

2. Installing pre-required php packages:

  a. HTTP_Request2
  b. Mail_mime
  c. Mail_mimeDecode

* These are actually bundled in the pear package manager.

3.Install via Composer

a. Install Git.

Note:    On Windows, you will also need to add the Git executable to your PATH environment variable.

b. Create a file named composer.json at drupal_root/sites/all and add the following code to it:


“require”: {

“microsoft/windowsazure”: “*”


“repositories”: [


“type”: “pear”,

“url”: “”



“minimum-stability”: “dev”


C. Download composer.phar in your drupal_root/sites/all.

D. Open a command prompt or terminal and execute this in your drupal_root/sites/all “php composer.phar install”

* It will generate Vendor folder it includes libraries and needed plugins.

E. Enable the module and a custom feature

F. Feeds Configuration

1. After enabling the azure table storage, feeds importer should be configured, by attaching the dataset content type  to the node importer.

2. Set the processor by selecting azure table data processor

3. Fill in azure table storage account name and secret key.