Open Stack + Vagrant

In July 2010 OpenStack was initilized by two giants in the field of IT innovations, NASA and Rackspace launched an opensource cloud-based software initiative.

Openstack is a group of integrated components from big projects at NASA and Racskspace. Openstack was released under apache license, meaning to say its opensource and free to download.

Here are the components:

1. Compute (Nova) –  a cloud computing fabric and the main component in the openstack
2. Object Storage (Swift) – a highly scalable redundant storage system
3. Block Storage (Cinder) – a persistent block level storage device for the openstack
4. Networking (Neutron) – Its a system responsible for setting up networks and ip addresses
5. Dashboard (Horizon) – Is the dashboard of the openstack based on django, its a graphical user interface which help the endusers create, manage instances.
6. Identity Service (Keystone) –  this is very vital for openstack for this is responsible for user authentication.
7. Image Service (Glance) – Image server is responsible for providing templates  like wordpress or drupal, stored in a disk and server images.

openstacklogo1How to install

I am using virtualbox 4.2.16 and vagrant 1.2.7


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