In retrospect: Dev Cup Hackathon 2015

Dev Cup Hackathon 2015

In retrospect:

  1. More than 250 Developers joined
  2. 60+ Teams joined
  3. Great venue at Meralco Multi Purpose Hall
  4. Great food and healthy pa
  5. “Sobrang ginaw” good i brought my hoodie
  6. I proved that Drupal can definitely be used for Hackathons like this
  7. I saw students joined the hackathon so its wrong to say “its only for professionals”
  8. A lot of women joined too – Some even developed awesome apps
  9. UI/UX is an edge to win the crown
  10. Im a one man team but finished the race, “Never give up”.
  11. Free flowing beers
  12. I saw some foreign developers in the crowd
  13. Awesome Organizers
  14. Internet connection was the best(especially if you device support 5GHz) – thanks smart
  15. Met awesome developers from around the country
  16. I will definitely join dev cup hackathon again next year

*Pictures taken from DevCon Philippines Facebook Page


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