1st Technology Caravan and hackathon in Zamboanga Peninsula

I’m honored to be invited as one of the resource speakers  and to represent Drupal Pilipinas in this first ever technology caravan in Zamboanga, Philippines.  This gathered hundreds of coders,  designers, developers, animators, analysts and IT enthusiasts in a whole week event of do-it-yourself learning, coding challenges and mind breaking but fun-to-solve problems with experts-alike, high spirited teams.

Day 1 :

  • Touch down at the Zamboanga Airport around 5:30am
  • Met fellow speakers from Manila
  • Thankful for Mac Valmores and DICT Office for fetching us very early in the morning
  • We went straight our hotel at Casa Canelar to recharge and prepare for the event
  • Kudos to STI Zamboanga for hosting the event, the program started around 10am
  • We got to hear a welcoming words from our Tech Caravan Tech Lead Mac Valmores and Zamboanga ICT Council Head Maureen Bello.
  • All speakers  including yours truly were introduced and  each of us gave a small snippets of words to participants to what they will expect from us for the duration of the workshops
  • Lunch was served by students of STI, it was a sumptuous lunch.
  • Around 1PM all break out sessions started there were 11 sessions :
    • “Drupal 8 using Pantheon and Build Mobile Applications using Ionic/Unity with Drupal 8 as  Rest Service Endpoint” by yours truly and Eladio Abquina
    • “Introduction to Mobile Development for Senior High School Students” by Mac Valmores and Jonathan Howard of Philippine Android Developers
    • Security for Students and Professionals” by Milo Pacamara MVP for MS Security
    • “Introduction to Xamarin and Bulding Cross Platform Mobile Apps using Visual Studio” by Mark Deanil Vicente of Mobile .NET Developer Philippines
    • “Getting Started with Microsoft SQL Server” and “Leveraging MS Azure in Backend Development” by Argelo Royce Bautista of Philippine SQL Server Users Group (PHISUG)
    • “Design and Development for VR and 3D Modelling for VR” by Neil Joshua Realubit of VR Philippines
    • Build Your Own Rogue Like Game with Python” by Matt Lebrun and Micaela Reyes of Python PH 
    • “Exploring Microsoft Cognitive Services in JS for Students”; “Gitting Things Together an Introduction to GIT’; “Introduction to Unity” by Ren Joshua Ramirez, Joseph Kim Javier and Denick Espades of DevCon PH
  • Dinner at Savores at Centro Latino Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City
  • Met the dignitaries from the Department of Tourism
  • First Encounter with Curacha a sea creature that looks like a combination of lobster and crab. It taste sweet and mouth watering.
  • I met two other models of Uniqlo Apparels  – Micaela Reyes and Mat Lebrun
  • Tasted the famous Knicker Bocker Glory of Zamboanga City

Day 2: 

  • Rise and Shine and preparation for beach escapade to the great island of Sta Cruz featured in the National Geographic and worlds top 21.
  • A 15 minute motorized boat ride from Paseo Del Mar to the great island it is situated along Basilan strait. Its indeed a beach with pink sand.
  • Amazing creation of God,  a beauty of nature
  • One of the perks as tech advocate is that you get to travel and explore the beauty of the region.
  • What makes it pink? its due to the pink corals broken down by nature into smaller pieces.
  • The island is under government protection and I salute the people who manage it, I see their compassion and care for the environment. Food stalls are not allowed, you cannot take any single coral from the island its strictly prohibited. For more details about the island check this blog – http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/2016/03/zamboanga-city-the-pink-sand-beach-of-sta-cruz-island.html
  • Stayed for 3hrs in the island its short but it’s truly worth it.
  • Back to our respective workshops in the afternoon, Ely discussed about Ionic and Unity integration with drupal 8.
  • Gave away t-shirts from Pantheon and Drupal Pilipinas
  • Received a certificate and tokens from Zamboanga ICT Council
  • Selfies around the place
  • Kudos to DICT Staff, Zamboanga ICT Council, STI Zamboanga,  Sponsors and to our Tech Caravan Lead Mac Valmores. God Bless you all.

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