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Drupal Camp Manila 2016

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If you were at the  Drupal Camp Manila last Saturday and Sunday May 7-8, 2016, that’s awesome! As part of the organising team, I loved what we were able to accomplished. We organized the camp to bring together the Drupal community from 9 different countries in the world such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, USA, Philippines we also have one from Costa Rica and Ireland to teach, learn, connect, and collaborate. According to Eduardo Garcia we could have call the camp as Drupal APAC Summit since 8 countries are collaborating in the event.

More or less 200 people attended the event held at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Eton Centris EDSA, Quezon City, Philippines. Students, Developers, Project managers and Business executives gathered around to hear and learn about Drupal. This year’s track was packed of greats topics such as Behat Testing, Docker, Scrum, Community, Drupal Contribution, Pantheon Terminus, Web Application Security, D8 Elastic Search,  Form API, DrupalConsole and we have workshops for Drupal 8.

In the morning event we welcomed Eduardo Garcia from Costa Rica who came all the way from Taipei as he delivered his speech as keynote, he talked about “Why investing in community is good business”. It was a great presentation full of inspiration especially for people who would like to contribute back to the community and who will be in one day organizing a drupal event,

The venue was one of the best in all drupal camps i attended  and thanks to Hewlett-Packard Philippines for hosting our event. The training rooms are really conducive for learning.

Heres our Drupal Camp Schedule

Room 1
Beginner Track
Room 2
Experienced Track
(intermediate to advance)
Room 3
Experienced Track
(intermediate to advance)
Room 4
Birds of Feather (BOF) Discussion
8:00AM – 9:00AM Registration
9:00AM – 9:45AM Keynote Speaker – Eduardo Garcia
9:45AM – 9:00AM 15 minutes break and preparation of rooms
10:00AM – 11:00AM Drupal basics for Non programmers
Joseph Edsel Bonilla
(Web configuration and management)
How to become a better Drupal developer (with real life case studies)
Solihin Jinata
(Case Study, Non-tech)
Drupal 8 development effective and efficient with Drupal Console
Eduardo Garcia
11:00AM – 12:00NN Drupal theming introduction and basics
Ruthie Hallarsis
Technical Discovery for Drupal 8 project
Ravindra Singh
(Developer, Non-tech)
Building products for the Drupal ecosystem and their models
Tom Tran
1:00PM – 2:00PM Module Development Primer
Albert Causing
Scrum for Drupal projects
Solihin Jinata
(PM, Non-tech)
Drupal 8 Elastic search
Roal Umandal
2:00PM – 3:00PM A developer’s guide to mastering forms
Bryan Manalo
(Modules & Forms)
Case Study of Website
Pratomo Ardianto
(PM, Non-tech)
Advance Drupal 8 Theming
Suryanto Rachmat
(Developer, Themer)
3:30PM – 4:30PM Drupal Contribution
Leolando Tan / John Ross Castano
Design Principles for Minimum Viable Product
Junaid Masoodi
(Design, Non-tech)
Creating Your Own Custom Step Definition in Behat
Joseph Chin
4:30PM – 5:30PM Pantheon Terminus and Quicksilver
Paul de Paula
(Developer, Devops)
DRUPAL 7 Configuraion Management and Deployment of Content
Harshil Maradiya
Securing your Web Application
Isaac Sabas
(Developer, Devops)
5:30PM – 6:30PM Networking Break and Group Picture
7:00PM and UP Night crawl / Party

Day 2

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 & 4
8:00AM – 9:00AM Registration
9:00AM – 12:00NN Drupal 8 Basic – Workshop
Module Development – Workshop
Drupal Code Sprint
Drupal Pilipinas Team
The level of effort and collaboration of our volunteers were impressive and thanks Rachel Jaro of Koodi and Sir Eladio Abquina  of HP who untiringly dedicated their time to make this event as success.

I was deeply happy to see 3 of our students from Drupal Apprentice Programs we conducted 2 years ago, they did a great job for presenting their interesting topics.

In behalf of the Drupal Pilipinas i would like to thank our sponsors who made this event a successful, to our Gold Sponsors(Bayview Technologies), Silver Sponsors(Promet Source, Srijan), Bronze Sponsors(Annai, Pantheon), Community Sponsors(CPU-Union, PhilIT, DevCon, PHP Users Group, 8 Layers, and to our Media Partner Rappler, of course to our Venue Sponsor Hewlett -Packard Philippines.


Heres our pictures taken from Mark Gruta, Ruthie and Gem D.

13147400_10206227800437210_2831396846134902336_o (1)


Visit our Drupal Website –

Checkout Rappler Article –





In retrospect: Dev Cup Hackathon 2015

Dev Cup Hackathon 2015

In retrospect:

  1. More than 250 Developers joined
  2. 60+ Teams joined
  3. Great venue at Meralco Multi Purpose Hall
  4. Great food and healthy pa
  5. “Sobrang ginaw” good i brought my hoodie
  6. I proved that Drupal can definitely be used for Hackathons like this
  7. I saw students joined the hackathon so its wrong to say “its only for professionals”
  8. A lot of women joined too – Some even developed awesome apps
  9. UI/UX is an edge to win the crown
  10. Im a one man team but finished the race, “Never give up”.
  11. Free flowing beers
  12. I saw some foreign developers in the crowd
  13. Awesome Organizers
  14. Internet connection was the best(especially if you device support 5GHz) – thanks smart
  15. Met awesome developers from around the country
  16. I will definitely join dev cup hackathon again next year

*Pictures taken from DevCon Philippines Facebook Page

A journey of an opensource advocate

My Journey started when I took up BS in Sofware Engineering at Central Philippine University the first university in the Philippines who offered Software Engineering Course in 2000. My very challenge was installing a lamp environment in 2004 in preparation for our thesis in software engineering and it took us 3 months to install it successfully, we used open suse as OS, DVD wasn’t around yet so we have to patiently install it, its a 10 disc installer, you don’t wanna ask how many times it failed. Its so amazing that today I can do it in less than a minute by using this bundles XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP or Acquia Dev Desktop2.

When I was still learning web development in 2005 after graduation it was hard to find good resources and available white papers over internet  and most tutorials are based in *nix, with it you need to be patient and enthusiastic in learning at that time. Mr Google wasn’t that intelligent yet so you cannot rely 100% that you will find what you are looking for, so buying books in learning web development is a good option. I was fascinated with the book entitled “PHP and Mysql Web Development 2nd Edition” authored by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson, it was the very first book that i bought.


For me learning alone as a developer is not that efficient compared to learning in groups or as a community, most of my friends in the IT industry preferred it. This is the very reason why I joined the open source community because I know I will learn from them and at same ill be able to share my skills, experiences to others that is a win win for both parties.

I became an active member of PHP User Group Philippines and we launched the first ever PHP Roadshow project that aims to advocate opensource software and train students to learn not just PHP but other open source technologies. Its where iI honed my public speaking ability, from shy-ish to confident-ish, from zero to hero. Advocates do not necessarily have the time but they just the passion and heart.

When I joined the drupal community I was submerged in the culture, I learned the beauty of sharing even more and was able to realised that to be a great developer you don’t need to be an expert in the subject matter but what matters most is having the right attitude and knowing how to respect your subordinates or colleagues in the community.  With the leadership of Gem Devanadera as a community we’ve launched projects like drupal campus tours, drupal apprentice program that tremors its effectivity in advocating drupal not just in the Philippines but as well as in the neighboring countries in asia, because of this drupal community in the philippines receives numerous appreciations and commendation from the international community.

Mixed pictures taken from past trainings and conferences

Gerald Villorente and I also  established a pay it forward approach, where we conducted trainings and conferences for free in our houses and spent time teaching those who are interested in learning drupal and with the help of my co-mentors we travelled from north to south of the country just to advocate and spread this technology especially in underprivileged IT schools and we did it without financial support from companies and its all coming from our own pocket. The only thing that fuels us to continue overtime is the smiling faces of students during our training. To be an open source advocate it takes a lot of guts and passion this is not something that can be acquired or learned over night.

When X-Team asked me to join the league of superheroes i was delighted and knowing the reputation of the company, the organization is operating in 25 countries doing remote development and the mission and vision is unparalleled. A company that shares the same advocacy and passion and will help you unleash the hero within you is something that I have been searching for so long.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 4.16.51 AM

X-Team support system is way better than other traditional organizations,  they will be there for you in every step you make as you go on to your next level of your journey as a developer. When me and my partner established the “Programmers Without Borders” a movement for IT developers that aims to advocate technology regardless of the location it may be a war zone or a mountainous area that is difficult to traverse we don’t care as long as we bring in the technology to students who are so eager to learn we will do it with passion and love.

I committed to bring this technology in our place a mountain side area where technology is a scarcity, and its a 3 hrs away from the metro, but it wont hinder us to train 100 out of school youth in web development this year in the town of Tanay, Rizal. X-Team also provided support morally and financially because they believe that this will greatly impact the town and to give hopes to the youth and for the last 3 months this is what we have achieved.

Tanay border outreach program I for out of school youth –  April 8, 2015

Municipality of Tanay, Rizal

Tanay border outreach program II for out of school youth –  April 18, 2015

Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal

Web development training for Church –  June 20, 2015

Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal

Web development training for teachers from 19 different schools  –  July 18, 2015

Brgy. Daraetan, Tanay, Rizal

Drupal Automation using Open Stack at Drupal Developers Day 2013

Just recently i talked about Drupal Automation using Open Stack at Drupal Developers Day 2013 at Microsoft Philippines, 6750 Ayala Makati City, Philippines. I discussed about the Open Stack and how to automate Drupal sites. Below are my talk agenda:

1. Basic Open Stack Architecture

2. Discussed Open Stack Components

3. Demonstrated Horizon

4. Demonstrated how to create servers triggered via shell script

Unfortunately i wasnt able to demo nova api  due to firewall restriction. I think only http and https are working in our connection. But in the end it went well and more and more developers, system admins, devops are already on queue in learning Open Stack.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 2.28.35 PM

Heres a awesome video of the event:


How to use Drupal 7 Pressflow


Pressflow 7 is drupal distribution that will make your site amazingly fast. I started using Pressflow when it was first released in 2009. Pressflow is being used by some of the largest drupal sites in the world including, wikimedia foundation, worldbank and a lot more.

“Pressflow addresses a long-standing problem: High-traffic sites use stable versions of Drupal, and stable versions of Drupal are ineligible for enhancements to solve performance bottlenecks discovered after widespread deployment. by Pressflow”


Before pressflow we encountered a lot or performance and scalability issues in one our projects. Its an online news site running on drupal 6, that should be capable of handling 1M pageviews  a day(4 years ago). Currently, it can handle double the capacity the site,  its now the no. 1 News Online Site in the Philippines.

These are some of the issues that we encountered:

1. Apache freezing
2. Mysql Bottleneck
3. Content inconsistencies across all sites
4. Cache problems
5. Missing fields in the display

These problems were eliminated when we started using pressflow 6.  Now that Pressflow 7 is now out and ready for production, i would recommend using it if you are building a large scale applications.


1. Mysql Master-Slave Replication

2. Two remote/local servers with mysql and on it, i recommend using mysql 5.5

3. Both server should have a running pressflow 7, using this codebase

How to:

1. Identify each servers ip address, make sure that both server is pinging each other by using Ping command, you may use virtual machine, remote vm or local physical servers, any of the three will do.

2. Edit the my.cnf or my.ini of your master database server and add the following linesand restart the database server:

server-id = 1                                                                                                                                                                     log-bin = mybin-log






3. Edit the my.cnf of my.ini of you slave database server and add the following lines and restart the database server:

server-id = 2






4. Go to Master database server and login as root, create a user for replication see below:


5. Still on Master server, execute the commands below:


This is showing the current bin file and the log position which is important in the starting the replication.

6. Go to Slave database server login in the console and execute the below commands:


7.  To know if slave is now replicating properly:


8. Now you need to configure the pressflow slave and master database on each settings.php. Refer to the below figure.


9. Now you can be able to create contents on either of the two servers without having a replication break.

Azure Table Storage for Drupal

Installation and configuration

A. Clone and Install  azure_table_storage  module.

B. Installation

1. This is a feeds plugin that saves results from Feeds source to Azure table storage. Azure table is one of the services that Windows Azure offers.

  a. Feeds
  b. Ctools
  c. Data
  d. Features

2. Installing pre-required php packages:

  a. HTTP_Request2
  b. Mail_mime
  c. Mail_mimeDecode

* These are actually bundled in the pear package manager.

3.Install via Composer

a. Install Git.

Note:    On Windows, you will also need to add the Git executable to your PATH environment variable.

b. Create a file named composer.json at drupal_root/sites/all and add the following code to it:


“require”: {

“microsoft/windowsazure”: “*”


“repositories”: [


“type”: “pear”,

“url”: “”



“minimum-stability”: “dev”


C. Download composer.phar in your drupal_root/sites/all.

D. Open a command prompt or terminal and execute this in your drupal_root/sites/all “php composer.phar install”

* It will generate Vendor folder it includes libraries and needed plugins.

E. Enable the module and a custom feature

F. Feeds Configuration

1. After enabling the azure table storage, feeds importer should be configured, by attaching the dataset content type  to the node importer.

2. Set the processor by selecting azure table data processor

3. Fill in azure table storage account name and secret key.

Drupal Camp Manila 2013

Last Saturday February 16, 2013 Philippine Drupal Users Group presented Drupal Camp Manila 2013 to more or less 200 people held at Microsoft 6750 Ayala, Makati, Philippines. Students, Developers, Project managers and Business executives gathered around to hear and learn about Drupal. This year’s track was packed of advance topics from mapping to mobile development, from project management to development operations and of course the newly introduced session, the beginners session.

In the morning event we welcomed Mr Jim Ayson of Smart DevNet as he delivered his speech as keynote, he talked about Drupal to be used in his organization as a platform integrated with smart technology.

The place was very impressive, it was really designed for conferences like drupal camp, i’ve heard a lot of good feedbacks from the participants about the place,  its classy and if you look outside the window you will see a big part of the makati business district, the sky rocketing buildings and people walking around the area.

These are the breakout sessions in the morning event:

  • Ranel Padon [University of the Philippines]  - Web Mapping with Drupal
  • Andrew Kucharski [Promet Source]  - Project Management tools and organizations
  • Paul de Paula [NUAMS]  - Mobile development using Drupal and Titanium Appaccelerator
  • Andrew Kucharski [Promet Source]    - Thunder and Lightning: LoadStorm and Other Ways to Stress Out Your Drupal
  • Gerald Villorente [Kytes System/CNN]   - Drupal Security Hardening
  • Adolfo Nasol [Abtik Team]  - Creating Online Store with Drupal Commerce

For beginners session:

  • Intro to Drupal                 – Grace Porcal
  • Installation and Terms   – Nathan Cailo
  • Views Intro                      – Lexie of Promet Source

These are the breakout sessions in the afternoon event:

  • Sean Coleman [Kyte Systems]   -  Advance Drupal Commerce
  • Daniel Honrade [Theming Expert]   - 1 Minute Solution to Automate your Vimeo Inline Video Integratio
  • Paul de Paula [New Amsterdam Ideas]    -  Magic Begins with Context + Delta + Omega Theme
  • Gerald Villorente [Kyte Systems/CNN]    - Drupal Performance and Scaling
  • Andrew Kucharski [Promet Source]   - Opportunities to leapfrog content distribution while Mobilizing Your Site with Drupal
  • Marc Caballero [The Surfer Geek]   - How to contribute at
  • Paul de Paula [NUAMS]  -  Building a Drupal Distribution using Features + Drush Make + etc
  • Edison Tan [Microsoft Open Source Software Specialist]  -  Drupal on Windows Azure

For beginner’s sessions:

  • Context intro                                – John Ross
  • Html slicing                                  – Ericson Luciano
  • Intro to module development    – Nico Penaredondo
  • Drupal learning curve                – Nathaniel Cailo

I was impressed with the volunteers who talked about Drupal in the beginners sessions, its jampacked and the no. of people i saw in the morning was the same number when  it ended in the afternoon. I interviewed some of the participants who stayed and listened from the speakers and they said they learned a lot, and they cant wait to start building website.

Overall this years Drupal Camp was awesome, the topics was really trendy and interesting, the food was so delicious, It was the first time ever for a drupal camp manila to have such a nice lunch, from the spaghetti, fish pillet and etc., and the people were all friendly and you will see a lot of smiling faces probably because there are lots of companies announced that they are all hiring.

In behalf of the Philippine Drupal Users Group Philippines i would like to thank our sponsors who made this event a successful, to out Platinum Sponsors(Promet Source and Smart Devnet), Gold Sponsors(, Acquia), Silver Sponsors(Chochip Digital, Kite Systems, Globelabs), Community Sponsors(New Amsterdam Ideas, Hygen) and of course to our partners Microsoft and Mozilla Firefox.

Drupal Developers Day 2012

Another exciting event organized by the PHDUG -Philippine Drupal Users Group, the “Drupal Developers Day 2012” held at Microsoft Philippines, Ayala Office Tower, Makati, Manila last October 27, 2012. It was attended by mostly students who are eagerly want to learn drupal, developers from different industries, company executives who are looking for awesome drupal developers.

Hot topics were discussed from beginners to advance sessions. The following are topics discussed in the event:

1. SaaS by Albert Causing

2. Git Basic by Gerald Villorente

3. Module Development by Adolfo Nasol

4. Mobile Development using Drupal Web Services by Paul de Paula

5.  Basic Theming by Oliver Kuy

6. Selenium Testing by Jonathan Jacinto

7. Windows Azure by Edison Go Tan

8. Mozilla Firefox by Eusebio baron

9. Open Forum by all speakers, Rachel Jaro, Eusebio Baron, Rick Bahague hosted by Marc Robinsone.

In behalf of the Philippine Drupal Users Group we would like to thank the sponsors for extending help to the event that without them it may not be made possible.

1. SmartDevNet

2. Globelabs

3. Prometsource

4. BuildAModule

5. Emphanos

6. New Amsterdam Ideas

7. CPU-Union

8. Mozilla Philippines

We also would like to extend our thanks to our volunteers who creatively designed our IDs, Certificates, Tarpaulin Ad, and etc.

“Learn from the drop” a drupal meetup in manila

Another successful drupal event took place last September 29, 2012 at Exist techbar, Ortigas, Manila. It was attended by mostly students and developers who wants to learn more in drupal. The event was organized by the Drupal Users Group(DUG) Manila led by strong willed lady Gem Devanadera.

The first speaker was Gerald Villorente from Kyte System/CNNGo talked about the fundamentals of Drupal, it was a great presentation and for sure a lot newbies learned a lot from it.

The second speaker was the art director of Kuy Digital, Oliver Kuy a drupal designer who loves theming and photoshop, He tackled the basic PSD to Drupal Theming, Oliver carefully discussed the process in
customizing drupal sites without much of coding.

One of the highlights of the event was a talk from our visitor who came all the way from chicago illinois, Mr. Young-jin Kim, of that specializes in CIVICCRM,  hes also an active Drupal organizer, a Drupal evangelist in Chicago. Young talked about “5 Reasons to use Drupal”. He also have shown us an infographics of the status of drupal in the US, and why the US Government trust Drupal.

Our last speaker was Albert Causing, he discussed about the OM Maximenu module developed by one of our members in DUG, Daniel Honrade.

The event was even more fun when participants joined the gangnam style dance, students from PUP shows no shyness when they rock on the dance floor.

This Drupal Meetup wont be possible without the support of the sponsors, In behalf of the Drupal Users Community we would like to extend our thanks to SmartDev Net, Exist, Mozilla Philippines, Globe Labs, New Amsterdam Ideas, DevCon and GeekGirls Philippines.

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